Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Vodka and Teapots

An interesting post here at Chow about adding vodka to your pie crust dough to make it easier to handle. Now, with Grandmama's Magic Pie Crust recipe I have no problems, but I like their idea for using Calvados for apple pie or bourbon in a pecan pie. I'm also thinking maybe amaretto in a peach or blackberry pie, or bourbon for pumpkin. You could do a lot with this.

Also found this fabulous teapot on Etsy.

On another site I actually saw there was one that said "Slut" , which I liked better, but apparently it's sold out. But you can get custom pieces. The Hunter S. Thompson plate is also good, but really everything in this shop is. And only $6 shipping from New Zealand! I'm telling you, Etsy rules!

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