Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Halloween Ain't Over Till It's Over

I've been spending a few days in beautiful Bowling Green, famed in song and story. I attended a Nine Inch Nails cover band show on Halloween night dressed as a hooker, complete with black eye and split lip. (Just makeup, of course, which I learned from this and this video on YouTube, courtesy of the Costumer's Manifesto, as usual. It was a fabulous time, I must say.

Me and Frosty, the World's Whitest Pimp:

Lookin' good:

Then I made Day Of The Dead cookies the next day:

It's been a good trip.


Anonymous said...

ooooh, i think i know which mad hot boy librarian you're talking about, and I think I know your pimp, too!

diane c said...

.... i live in the fabulously exciting Nicholasville also. and i worked with the pimp (that's rob, right?) selling wine tho, not my body.

Bridgit said...

Yep, that's Rob. He really wanted to be "Frosty, the World's Whitest Pimp", for Halloween, and his wife chickened out on being a ho, so I dressed up out of solidarity.